I work freelance as a facilitator, trainer, and sometimes consultant on organizational development and culture (you can visit my professional site at Ready For Change). I’m expanding my training and learning (as recorded on this blog) to include more work at the organizational level, work in mediation, and work as a coach.

The blog title comes from my predominant learning style, although even with plenty of auditory information I’ll get distracted if the learning environment doesn’t offer a lot of kinesthetic options as well.

I’m writing from Toronto, Ontario… but the “Wind Gusts” picture below is from Saskatchewan, where a sudden gust can blow a cyclist off the road.

Here are some other non-auditory-learner things about me:

I’ve bicycled alone across Canada, ridden the Amtrak train across the United States, lived in four provinces and one state, hiked Newfoundland’s East Coast Trail, run a marathon, written a novel for the 3-Day-Novel contest, taken courses in shiatsu, hip-hop dance, and memoir writing, volunteered as a University of Toronto alumni mentor, treeplanted, cycled the Oregon Coast, braved a week of traveling with my eight-year-old niece, fundraised for charities, run a national education program, served coffee, studied anthropology, psychology, linguistics, and health sciences, been the “go-to” editor in my workplaces and amongst my writerly friends, and am a committed user of the Oxford comma.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Laura

    Thanks for your informative and inspiring blog.
    I am new to this blogging world but am keen to make my material available as well as I develop my website and blog.

    All the best

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